By Gee Rittenhouse
CEO, Skyhigh Security

World Password Day is a great opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of protecting data within organizations as well as your own personal data. Cybercriminals today are more sophisticated at obtaining usernames and passwords making it easier for them to conduct a data breach. Today is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of a few simple steps to improve our data security.

A first step is to bolster their approach to authentication. Simply having a username and password is no longer enough. We need to move beyond this to adopt more secure processes, such as two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication.

The second step is the adoption of Zero Trust across the enterprise network. This means that no trust is given automatically to users – instead it is earned through logging in patterns and behaviors, which facilitates tighter security. Also, employees are only given access to data, apps and systems that are related to their daily jobs meaning that if passwords are compromised, the subsequent damage is limited.

While following these important steps to stay data-aware is always beneficial, World Password Day is a great reminder for us all.