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Cloud Security

Secure Your Sensitive Data – Regardless of Where it Resides

April 9, 2024

By Lolita Chandra - Senior Product Marketing Manager

Seamlessly Extend On-Premise Data Protection to the Cloud

In the ever-evolving landscape of data security, the shift towards cloud-based solutions has become not only prevalent but also imperative. With businesses increasingly moving large amounts of data to the cloud, the need for robust and comprehensive data protection has never been more critical. Traditional on-premise data protection solutions were not designed to protect data in the cloud. As organizations migrate to the cloud at an accelerated pace, it is imperative to ensure seamless data protection from on-premise to the cloud, with a unified approach that reduces complexity, risk and cost. In this blog, we will delve into the value of extending data protection to the cloud, using a converged approach to securing data.

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Traditional on-premise data protection solutions, while effective within the confines of a company’s traditional corporate perimeter, don’t extend that protection to data in modern cloud environments, for example sensitive data being downloaded to unmanaged or personal devices, data uploaded to high-risk shadow or unsanctioned applications, data shared with third parties via cloud collaboration, sensitive data stored in cloud storage locations, and more. The dynamic and distributed nature of cloud environments along with the hybrid workforce introduce new attack surfaces that traditional solutions were not designed to tackle.

Cyber criminals are extremely ingenious and relentlessly looking for new and creative ways to steal data. They are increasingly targeting cloud environments with an overwhelming 82% of cyber attacks targeting “data stored in the cloud environments—public cloud, private cloud or across multiple environments” according to the Ponemon/IBM Cost of Data Breach Report 2023. The report also states that “breaches of this type also contributed to higher costs and longer time to identify and contain a data breach”. As a result, without adequate safeguards in place, businesses find their sensitive stored in the cloud exposed to a myriad of risks, leaving them vulnerable to data breaches, compliance violations, and the loss of sensitive information.

Comprehensive Data Protection Across All Threat Vectors

A comprehensive cloud data protection solution offers several benefits that extend beyond the confines of traditional on-premise solutions. By seamlessly integrating on-premise and cloud-based data security, organizations gain a multitude of benefits that go a long way towards protecting their sensitive data and improving their overall security posture, while reducing complexity and risk.

The seamless integration of Skyhigh Security and Trellix solutions gives organizations comprehensive and consistent data protection across all their environments—on-premise, cloud, web, private applications, email and endpoints.

Multi-Vector Data Protection

Multi-Vector Data Protection Infographic

With this seamless solution, organizations gain several benefits that include reduced complexity, risk and costs:

  • A seamless and comprehensive data protection solution eliminates the costs and hassle associated with having to manage and maintain multiple disparate solutions.
  • A single dashboard to view and manage data classifications and incidents across your entire environment replaces multiple consoles, saving you time, eliminating errors and accelerating incident response.
  • Extending existing data classifications that are tried and true across all threat vectors provides consistency, eliminates security gaps, and lowers false positives.

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive data in the cloud is not just a best practice, it’s a strategic imperative. Businesses can mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and enable secure collaboration by seamlessly extending on-premise data protection to the cloud. Embracing a comprehensive data protection solution is not just about safeguarding data, it’s about safeguarding the future of your business.

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The seamless integration between the Skyhigh Security and Trellix solutions enables organizations to leverage cutting-edge technologies to protect their data regardless of where it resides, while achieving compliance with regulatory requirements. Organizations gain the ability to quickly and seamlessly extend their existing on-premise data classifications to the cloud, a single console to manage all data classifications and incidents—across their on-premise and cloud environments.

If you’re interested in experiencing a hands-on walkthrough of this solution, we invite you to view our interactive demo. To learn more about seamlessly extending on-premise data protection to the cloud, including real-world customer scenarios, register for our webinar, Elevating Data Security: Extending it from On-Premise to the Cloud.

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