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The Data Dilemma: Cloud Adoption and Risk Report — Healthcare Edition image

The Data Dilemma: Cloud Adoption and Risk Report — Healthcare Edition

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The healthcare sector has been one of the slowest industries to adopt cloud technologies and has also suffered more cybersecurity attacks, particularly data theft. Innovation in this field and the rapid shift to remote and hybrid work following the pandemic have pushed healthcare organizations to store, use, and share more sensitive data in the cloud. This is a new development for these organizations, which have typically maintained control over their data on premises.

“The 2023 Healthcare Edition of The Data Dilemma: Cloud Adoption and Risk Report” highlights the specific factors at play in the healthcare industry and benchmarks the sector against a broad range of industries. Respondents represent IT decision makers, IT specialists, and senior business decision makers from healthcare organizations around the world—from patient care and pharmaceuticals to healthcare technology. Learn how this sector is addressing these data security challenges and why it’s time for it to improve its security maturity.

  • 76% of organizations have experienced all three types of cybersecurity attacks—breaches, threats, and theft of data—indicating a need for stronger security controls.
  • Healthcare organizations store the least amount of sensitive data in the cloud, at 47% on average.
  • The cloud services adoption rate in healthcare is half that of other industries surveyed, increasing only 25% from 2019 to 2022.
  • 86% of healthcare organizations suffered theft of data, compared to 80% for all other industries surveyed.
  • For those that use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), security issues increased 19% from 2019 to 2022, compared to a 10% increase in security issues across other industries.
  • Healthcare organizations are more likely to place the majority of responsibility for cloud security on the shoulders of managers at 62%, compared to other industries, which place the majority of responsibility on C-level executives, leaving managers with 47% of the responsibility.
  • Healthcare remote and hybrid workers are 10% more likely than their peers to be bogged down by latency and bandwidth issues from using VPN.

Gain insights into how the healthcare industry is addressing cloud data security to inform your own strategy.

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