By Nick LeBrun
Sales Engineering Strategy & Operations Lead, Skyhigh Security

Coined by Gartner in 2021, Security Service Edge (SSE) is a new and expanding category focused on securing enterprise access to cloud services, private applications, and the web. Organizations are focusing on securely connecting the anywhere, anytime workforce leveraging a cloud-centric approach while also ensuring business productivity is not impacted.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to procure SSE-related security services will purchase a consolidated SSE solution, rather than stand-alone cloud access security broker, secure web gateway and ZTNA offerings, up from 15% in 2021. By 2026, 50% of organizations will prioritize advanced data security features for inspection of data at rest and in motion as a selection criterion for SSE, up from 15% in 2021. Skyhigh Security is centered on helping our global customers adapt to the changing digital world with our analyst-leading Skyhigh Security Service Edge solution.

Gartner released its first Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge in 2022 evaluating 13 different vendors, and Skyhigh Security is a leader in the report. As a companion report to the Magic Quadrant, Gartner has also published its Critical Capabilities report for SSE, which shares deep insights into the product capabilities of each vendor based on a specific set of use cases. Skyhigh Security received the highest score among all vendors in the report demonstrating our commitment to excellence in our SSE platform. Note that Skyhigh Security is referred to as McAfee Enterprise in the recent evaluations for brand heritage.

Our teams at Skyhigh Security have been solely focused in 2022 on delivering security performance for our customers as they seek to monitor, control, and protect their data in the cloud, on the web, and within private applications. Organizations are faced with the herculean task of evaluating a large number of potential SSE vendors, especially when many of them claim to offer a truly integrated, cloud-centric solution. Advice from analysts or other 3rd party research may help, but that still usually leaves multiple potential vendors for organizations to comprehensively evaluate.

Security Service Edge RFP Template

Download a list of 150+ questions covering key Security Service Edge categories to ensure you choose the right solution for your current as well as future cloud, web, and private access requirements.

To aid companies in comprehensively evaluating their SSE providers, Skyhigh Security has released a Security Service Edge RFP Template. This document is an exhaustive list of over 150 questions covering key SSE categories, including Secure Web, Data Protection, Cloud Security, Private Access, and Management. We understand that companies often don’t have the time or the depth of understanding to draft RFP questions that ensure that they choose the right solution not just for their current SSE requirements, but also for those that may come up in the future as their needs, technology, and industry evolve. This document is designed to capture other important vendor responses in the areas of customer success, deployment, integrations, architecture, and administration.

Companies can use this document to ship to prospective SSE vendors or consider it a baseline to work from. Companies may also choose to apply their own branding before opening and sharing the RFP. We hope this document reduces several hours IT teams would otherwise have to invest during the RFP stage of evaluation and ensures that the company chooses the right SSE solution for its current and future security requirements.

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