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RSA Conference 2022 – Skyhigh Security Theater Sessions

May 27, 2022

By Thyaga Vasudevan - VP of Product Management, Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Security is excited to be a part of RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco. We welcome you to join us for four days of insights, conversations, theater sessions, demos and hands-on experience as we showcase how we go beyond data access and focus on data use, allowing organizations to collaborate from any device and from anywhere, without sacrificing security. Come find out for yourself why we’re a recognized leader!

As the head of Product Management at Skyhigh Security, I have the unique privilege and honor of not just listening to customers and their cloud journeys, but I also have a clear understanding of the innovation underway by our product and engineering teams. I, along with my team and other subject matter experts from Skyhigh Security, will be at RSA. While we’ll have our own Skyhigh Security booth (#N-4629), we’ll also be conducting many theater sessions hosted in the Trellix booth (N#5645). In this post, I shall walk you through the different theater sessions in the Trellix booth, along with the timing for each.


Accelerating Your Cloud Transformation with SSE

Presenter: Thyaga Vasudevan
Time: June 6th at 6:20 PM PT and June 8th at 11:40 AM PT

Digital Transformation and the “Work from Anywhere” revolution are a strain on traditional network and security architectures. A Security Service Edge (SSE) framework can help make the most of the productivity and cost-saving benefits of the cloud, and Skyhigh Security’s SSE portfolio can offer a fast and secure path to SSE with 99.999% available cloud backbone, multi-vector data protection, and real-time threat protection.

The SSE framework empowers organizations to securely embrace the cloud while avoiding complexity, latency, and high costs. Learn how Skyhigh Security’s SSE platform uniquely converges SWG, CASB, ZTNA, DLP, and Remote Browser Isolation technologies to accelerate your SSE journey.

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Unified Threat Protection for SSE – Web, Cloud and Beyond

Presenter: Rodman Ramezanian
Time: June 7th at 2:20 PM PT and June 9th at 12:40 PM PT

The battle between information security professionals and adversaries for threat supremacy continues to rage on. For every new technique that emerges, a security countermeasure eventually emerges, but the traditional approach of simply adding a new security control to deal with every new threat has become unsustainable for security teams. New approaches that change the paradigm are required: integration of traditional security controls with new ones to provide more efficient operations; novel approaches for detecting sophisticated zero-day attacks, preventing malware from reaching end-user devices, or detecting cloud-based attacks that don’t leverage malware at all.

Skyhigh Security Cloud’s multi-layered platform of advanced threat protection technologies are fully integrated for real-time, in-line, single-pass security inspection for the cloud and web. Take part in this session to learn how to stay one step ahead of the bad guys!

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How to Manage Cloud Security Risks in a “Work from Anywhere” World

Presenter: Michael Schneider
Time: June 7th at 12:20 PM PT and June 8th at 2:40 PM PT

Every large enterprise is embracing a shift to a work from home model for their global employees. Some have gone “Remote-First”, abandoning the central office altogether. What does this mean for cybersecurity? Vast distribution of corporate data, direct-to-cloud connections, and personal devices used for work introduce a new security paradigm that takes over the network-centric model of the past.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) has been a staple of almost every organization looking to provide their distributed remote workforce with access to corporate applications and data. However, VPN architectures began to struggle as applications moved into the cloud – why force all user traffic back to the corporate data center when most of it had to go straight back out to the internet?

Replacing VPN with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) offered massive performance, scalability, and security advantages, and has thus become one of the top priorities for many organizations. However, many ZTNA solutions on the market still lack essential inline security controls, inflexible support for unmanaged devices, and integration with the broader enterprise security infrastructure. Join this session to learn how Skyhigh Private Access can enable your organization to move beyond the shackles of VPN with the industry’s first sensitive data-aware ZTNA solution.

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Data-Aware Cloud Security for Zero Trust

Presenter: Suhaas Kodagali
Time: June 7th at 4:20 PM PT and June 9th at 1:30 PM PT

Data is perhaps the most important – and vulnerable – enterprise asset there is. As digital transformation continues to expand where that data is, how it can be accessed and how it is used, many companies are struggling to keep up with commensurate data protection policies. Traditional networks and devices are being supplemented by a full range of public cloud and private apps, but these often require a patchwork of security solutions, resulting in duplicated data classification and workflow efforts, fragmented incident management, and inconsistent policy enforcement.

On the other hand, the principles of Zero Trust are well known. This briefing moves from theory to Zero Trust in Action. it is very essential in today’s world to know how to compare multiple attributes from device, user behavior, application, and data and make the right risk-based decision to ensure comprehensive cloud security that is data aware.

Come and learn about how Skyhigh Security Cloud’s multi-vector data protection provides full-scope data protection for your workforce and eliminates data visibility gaps thereby providing a comprehensive Zero Trust solution for the cloud.

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Dissecting Lapsus$ Attacks: How Can You Be Prepared?

Presenter: Rodman Ramezanian
Time: June 8th at 4:20 PM PT and June 9th at 10:40 AM PT

Traditional ransomware attacks have reached next-level status with the recent cybercrime spree from the Lapsus$ hacking group. Instead of being focused on data encryption, this group of hackers is focused on data exfiltration. Since their debut in December 2021, the Lapsus$ group has wreaked havoc on several victims, mainly technology companies, by gaining access to their most valuable assets—intellectual property, like source code and other proprietary information—and threatening to leak it on the internet unless a ransom is paid. Infiltration takes place through humans and their identities, abusing any privileges to facilitate their movements and operations, resulting in data theft in chilling quantities. Even if you’re not a technology company, you could fall victim to such an attack. Every company is vulnerable and should be prepared.

Join this session to gain key insights about the Lapsus$ attacks, understand why cloud practitioners should care, and learn what steps can be taken to stay ahead of the cybercriminals.

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Can’t wait to see you there!

— Thyaga

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