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Industry Perspectives

Revolutionize Your Research with AI

June 28, 2024

By Cleo McMichael - Sr. UX Manager, Skyhigh Security

and Akash Sharma – UX Researcher, Skyhigh Security

AI is rapidly becoming an indispensable assistant across various industries. Beyond integrating AI into our product features, we utilize AI tools in our daily workflows. AI helps us better understand our users’ needs, optimize workflows, and ultimately enhance our products. We are currently using an AI powered research tool in our research tasks.

AI’s Role in Research and Design

AI offers several impressive high-level capabilities:

  • Processing large amounts of data at inhuman speed.
  • Summarizing extensive information accurately.
  • Scanning large documents and finding specific information in seconds.

These capabilities are particularly useful for tasks such as transcription, note-taking, tagging, and organizing data by research questions. This means that AI can help researchers perform their tasks up to five times faster by automating the manual, time-consuming, and tedious parts of their work.

Leveraging Altis for Enhanced UX Research: A High-level overview

We decided to try out Altis, an AI-powered UX research tool that analyzes customer conversations and transforms them into actionable insights. To get started with Altis, you upload your conversations and create a project. In your project, you define clear and precise goals, which is crucial for maximizing the AI’s effectiveness. The more specific the goals, the better the results. The system can generate research questions and provide recommendations for interviews to ensure impactful insights.

Altis offers a customized learning plan, clearly outlining the steps needed to achieve your goals. It assists in goal generation, sampling advice, and even collaborates with you to create a conversation plan for your project. Once you verify and add the conversations to your project, you are ready to synthesize the data. Altis then delivers a comprehensive synthesized report of all user interviews, along with the option to review individual interviews.

One feature I’d like to highlight that vividly brings our customers to life in our reports is the ability to link quotes to their transcript and video timestamp. This allows us to swiftly pull quotes and include them in our findings, which we can then share with PMs and stakeholders. Hearing feedback directly from users in their own words fosters empathy and a deeper understanding of their experiences and needs. This personal connection helps project managers and engineers internalize user perspectives, which is crucial for creating user-centered products. It also lends credibility and validation to the findings and aligns the team around the common understanding of the users needs. This leads to a more focused and user-driven alignment.

Ensuring Data Privacy with Altis

A common concern with AI is data privacy. Customers worry that their data might be vulnerable when using AI tools like ChatGPT. As a cybersecurity company, secure data handling is our top priority. With Altis, there is no need to worry about data privacy. Their approach includes (1) prioritizing informed consent, (2) compliance with personally identifiable information (PII) data regulations, (3) routine data purging, and (4) adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Next, our UX Researcher, Akash, will discuss the benefits of leveraging AI tools like Altis in his workflow.

My Journey with in Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

In the ever evolving field of user experience research (UXR), efficiency, accuracy and security are paramount. As researchers, we are constantly seeking tools that streamline our workflows and enhance the quality of our insights. Here’s why Altis has become an indispensable part of my research toolkit.

Workflow Journey Infograph

Effortless Uploads and Secure Handling

Altis makes it incredibly simple to upload any conversation or interview, ensuring that your research data is securely managed.

  • Easily upload any conversation or interview
  • Securely manage and store data
  • Upload data anonymously for added security

Superior Analysis Capabilities

Leveraging the power of AI, Altis makes the analysis process more efficient and insightful by providing comprehensive pointers on:

  • Overall Insights: Quickly grasp the key takeaways from your research
  • Summary: Get concise summaries that save time and effort
  • Challenges & Pain Points: Identify and understand user frustrations and obstacles
  • Attitudes & Opinions: Gauge user sentiments and perspectives
  • Needs & Wants: Uncover user needs and desires for more targeted solutions
  • Feedback & Praises: Capture both positive and constructive feedback
  • Tools & Brands: Analyze user interactions with specific tools and brands

Time Saving Verbatim Extraction

One of the most time consuming aspects of user research is transcribing and extracting verbatim quotes from lengthy interviews. addresses this challenge with ease.

  • Effortlessly copy verbatim excerpts
  • Integrate video snippets into research reports
  • Enhance credibility and richness of findings

Ideal for Both UXR and Market Researchers is not just a powerful tool for UXR professionals but also for market researchers working in agencies.

  • Streamlines video review and transcription processes
  • Ideal for researchers juggling multiple projects
  • Efficient operational management for detailed qualitative data


Incorporating an AI tool like Altis into your research workflow can significantly enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and depth of your user research.

  • User Friendly interface
  • Secure data handling
  • Advanced analysis features

Limitations and Considerations

While AI can significantly reduce the time spent on laborious tasks, it does not replace designers and researchers. Altis, for instance, can synthesize input, find patterns in data, and provide summaries. However, it is still up to the researchers to share their findings, collaborate with designers and product managers and prioritize these findings into actionable items.

Despite its time-saving potential, AI has its limitations:

  • Contextual Understanding: AI works only with the recordings and transcripts uploaded. It lacks context from previous studies or additional information about the user.
  • Input Quality: The quality of AI analysis is dependent on the interview questions or tasks entered into the project.
  • Learning Curve: Effectively using AI tools like Altis requires learning how to best prompt the AI, similar to any other new technology.

Benefits in Product Development

Using AI tools like Altis, we can stay ahead of engineering by providing insights earlier and much faster. This speed allows product development to be more agile, improving the usability of our products early in the development process. This provides cost savings by enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of both product development and project management. As a result, our customers feel that their input is valuable and actionable, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with our products. Altis has been a game changer for our research team.

Explore more about how can transform your research.

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