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Skyhigh Security Technology Alliance Partner Program: Together We Bring Greater Value to Our Customers

January 23, 2024

By Scott Goree - Vice President of Worldwide Channels, Skyhigh Security

At Skyhigh Security, our driving passion is to help customers secure the world’s data while enabling their people to work from anywhere safely and efficiently. As part of that commitment, we understand that security requires a collaborative approach, which is why Skyhigh Security has partnered with an extensive network of industry leading Technology Alliance Partners to deliver compatible solutions. These partners bring unique expertise and innovation to the most comprehensive cloud security ecosystem on the market–playing a critical role in accelerating the development of interoperable security products that bring better value and more protection to our joint customers.

We have established strong technology partnerships that simplify the integration of products in complex enterprise environments. Skyhigh Security works with each partner’s architecture to deliver an expanded data-aware cloud-native unified Security Service Edge (SSE) based on the zero trust principle of “never trust, always verify.” More than 45 technology partners in our extensive ecosystem have joined forces with us to help customers strengthen their security approach with differentiated, tightly integrated solutions, managed through our simple-to-use “single pane of glass” interface. This facilitates centralized visibility, policy enforcement, and incident management over data across websites, cloud services, endpoints, and private applications.

We work with the best technology solution providers

Our partner technologies range from AI-powered threat intelligence, data classification, and identity and access management (IAM) solutions to sandbox, digital rights management (DRM), and SIEM/SOAR solutions. For a full list of partners and their use cases, please visit our Technology Alliance Partner page.

Technology Alliance Partner Program benefits

Many organizations rely on a collection of disparate security tools to identify and mitigate threats. These siloed security implementations are inherently inefficient and ineffective. With Skyhigh SSE, partners can access Skyhigh Security’s leading SSE technology protects data and stops threats in the cloud across all websites, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environments and Shadow IT, from a single, cloud-native enforcement point.

How your customers derive value from our partnership

For our customers, these certified integrations extend their ability to control access across all users, applications and data. They will gain the benefits of increased IT and workforce efficiency with seamless, best-practice integrations. A coordinated, unified defense will enable them to deploy a broad range of technologies that facilitate faster innovation cycles. Through lab-tested integrations, customers can easily manage their multi-vendor security environments, reduce complexity and operational costs, improve their operational efficiency, and ensure compliance throughout their applications and IT infrastructure. With our joint solutions, they can strengthen their defenses by filling strategic security gaps and adding new workflows to shorten time to detection and remediation.

Next steps

We invite you to join our Technology Alliance Partner Program and leverage Skyhigh Security’s investment in its SSE solution to extend this value to our joint customers. We are proud of our unique history, reputation, and unified solution portfolio, and invite you to join us in continuing to extend the reach and power of our trusted cloud-native security solutions.

By partnering with Skyhigh Security, you will be connecting your customers with a proven, scalable, premium SSE portfolio that provides organizations with the flexibility to securely work from anywhere.

Apply today to become a Skyhigh Security authorized partner.

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