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Enhancing Microsoft Products in the Public Sector With Skyhigh Security’s Multi-Faceted Approach

August 24, 2023

By Nick Graham - Solutions Architect, Skyhigh Security

When it comes to fortifying public sector institutions with enhanced digital protection, Microsoft and Skyhigh Security form a formidable duo. Microsoft, with its comprehensive suites of products, has always been at the forefront of serving public sector needs. Meanwhile, our Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio, with its unique capabilities, supercharges these products to deliver unparalleled security. Let’s dive deep into how the diverse components of Skyhigh SSE – cloud access security broker (CASB), secure web gateway (SWG), Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), anti-malware, and data loss protection (DLP) – can seamlessly complement Microsoft products.

Cloud Access Security Broker

At the heart of Skyhigh Security’s prowess is its CASB technology. Microsoft’s Azure and 365 have rapidly transformed the way the public sector operates and communicates. Skyhigh CASB ensures that as organizations transition to the cloud, every data access and transaction remains secure.

What sets Skyhigh Security apart is its patented API approach, allowing it to protect data faster than any other CASB vendor on the market. While Microsoft provides robust infrastructure, Skyhigh Security’s rapid response time ensures real-time threat detection and mitigation, adding a layer of instantaneous security.

Secure Web Gateway

Microsoft’s products, from Edge to Office applications, often interact with the web. Skyhigh SWG offers real-time traffic filtering and scanning. It ensures that malicious content is blocked and any potential web threats, which could compromise the data integrity of Microsoft products, are nipped in the bud.

Remote Browser Isolation

With the proliferation of web-based applications and the increasing adoption of Microsoft’s web services, RBI becomes crucial. RBI ensures that any malicious content from the web is executed in an isolated environment, separate from the user’s endpoint. So, even if a public sector employee inadvertently accesses a harmful web page while using Microsoft’s Edge, Skyhigh Security’s RBI would contain the threat, preventing any potential harm.


Microsoft’s suite, especially with Windows Defender, already provides substantial protection against malware. But with the evolving nature of threats, the more layers of protection, the better. Skyhigh Security’s Anti-malware solution acts as a second line of defense, ensuring that even the most sophisticated, hidden threats are detected and dealt with. This double shield ensures that Microsoft products remain uncompromised and function optimally.

Data Loss Prevention

Data is the lifeblood of the public sector. Whether it’s citizen records, policy documents, or internal communications on 365, ensuring that this data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is paramount. Skyhigh Security’s DLP solutions provide granular data controls, ensuring sensitive information remains confined to authorized circles. While 365 offers native DLP features, Skyhigh Security extends this protection beyond Microsoft’s ecosystem, ensuring data remains secure, regardless of where it’s stored or shared.

Last Thoughts

The public sector’s digital transformation, while revolutionary, also presents unique security challenges. Microsoft, with its array of products, provides the tools needed for this digital leap. However, Skyhigh SSE ensures that this leap is not just efficient but also incredibly secure.

From the rapid-response CASB to advanced anti-malware solutions, Skyhigh Security complements Microsoft’s offerings, ensuring the public sector can serve its constituents with confidence in their digital security. The synergy of Microsoft’s reliability and Skyhigh Security’s innovative security solutions makes for an unmatched partnership, one that promises a secure digital future for the public sector.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Don’t just take our word for it – see it in action for yourself. If you’re in a public sector role and are looking for comprehensive, cutting-edge security solutions that work seamlessly with your existing Microsoft products, now is the time to act.

Contact your Skyhigh Security representative today for a personalized demonstration.

Experience firsthand how Skyhigh SSE can empower your organization to achieve its mission, while ensuring utmost security and compliance. Discover how this alliance can make your digital environment not only more secure but also more efficient and effective.

There’s a world of secure, seamless operation waiting for you and your team. Reach out now and take the first step towards a safer, smarter public sector future.

Remember, in today’s world, waiting is not an option. The security of your organization’s data, your employees’ data, and your constituents’ data should be the topmost priority. Secure it with the best—secure it with Skyhigh SSE and Microsoft.

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