Activity Monitoring and UEBA

Cloud Activity Monitoring

Pervasively captures a comprehensive audit trail of all user and administrator activity to support post-incident investigations and forensics.

Compromised Accounts

Automatically identify attempts and successfully compromised accounts through advanced machine learning-based UEBA.

Insider Threats

Discover risks to sensitive data and infrastructure from insider threats through analytics of all user behavior in the cloud.

The Most Powerful Threat Protection

Prevent zero-day threats from reaching endpoints with integrated multi-layer security.

Fully integrated Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) technology provides the most powerful form of threat protection available, eliminating the opportunity for malicious code to even touch the end user's device.

More About RBI

Built-in, Real-Time Zero-Day Protection

Skyhigh Security’s unique emulation sandboxing technology provides real-time discovery of never-before-seen threats without slow, out-of-band analysis. This powerful weapon is employed across the portfolio to discover and remediate threats in sanctioned cloud applications and on the public internet.

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