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Introducing Skyhigh Security’s Industry-First AI-Driven DLP Assistant

January 17, 2024

By Hari Prasad Mariswamy - Product Manager, Skyhigh Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of data security, the need for advanced tools to fortify our defenses against potential threats has never been more crucial. In response to this imperative, Skyhigh Security proudly introduces its groundbreaking and industry’s first AI Assistant for DLP Policies — a powerful ally in the fight against data breaches. This dynamic fusion of human intelligence and cutting-edge AI capabilities heralds a new era in data loss prevention (DLP).

The Power of Synergy:

Traditionally, DLP is seen as a complex and expertise driven toolkit. Crafting accurate policies needed skills to understand the requirements of an organization and then to implement them using diverse techniques such as pattern matching to identify sensitive data.

Hence, Skyhigh Security’s AI Assistant for DLP is not just another tool; it’s a force multiplier for DLP administrators. By seamlessly blending human intuition with machine precision, this revolutionary assistant empowers administrators to stay ahead in the data protection game.

The Need for an AI-based DLP Assistant:

Understanding the complexities involved in constructing regular expressions, Skyhigh Security recognized the necessity for an intuitive solution. The AI Assistant for DLP addresses the growing demand for a tool that simplifies the intricate process of creating robust regular expressions to protect sensitive PII information in data traffic, especially for administrators less familiar with the nuances of regexes.

Invoke AI Regex Generator while creating DLP Policies

This intelligent tool can simplify crafting complex patterns, unlocking doors to powerful use cases that manual efforts can struggle with. Mentioned below are a few of the use cases that this tool can support:

Use case: Country-Specific PII Protection Made Effortless

With Skyhigh Security’s AI Assistant, which is backed by intelligent Large Language Models (LLMs), administrators can now use a conversational approach to generate classifications for any country-specific PII protection. It’s not just about safeguarding data; it’s about customizing the approach based on regional nuances and compliance requirements.

Ask Skyhigh’s AI-Assistant create expressions for DLP Policies

The AI-powered regex generator within the assistant takes the reins, effortlessly constructing intricate expressions with a conversational interface. It’s the beginning of a journey where AI handles the heavy lifting, leaving administrators with more time for strategic decisions.

Use case: Match any credit card formats

With the AI-powered regex generator, matching diverse credit card formats becomes a seamless process. Whether it’s Visa, MasterCard, or other variations, the tool’s ability to comprehend and construct complex regular expressions facilitates the creation of accurate patterns for identifying and securing credit card information. This ensures comprehensive data protection and aids organizations in preventing unauthorized access or transmission of sensitive financial data.

Use case: Beyond ASCII: AI Regex Cracks International Character Sets

Need to match specific formats in Chinese, Arabic, or Cyrillic scripts? Manual regex often stumbles on the diverse tapestry of human languages. Human-built regexes can quickly trip over unfamiliar alphabets and grammar. Skyhigh’s smart AI-Assistant, by understanding the nuances of different writing systems and cultural contexts, generates a regex that speaks every language. No more struggling with unfamiliar characters or missing culturally specific patterns.

Generate expressions to protect sensitive data in foreign languages

Improved accuracy

The AI assistant’s ability to generate accurate regex expressions minimizes the risk of false positives and false negatives, ensuring that DLP policies function effectively. Administrators feel at ease with options to test generated or hand crafted expressions with sample data to further tune policies and simplify decision making.

Skyhigh Security’s AI Assistant speaks your language, literally!

Skyhigh Security’s multilingual AI assistant, with its in-built Natural Language Processing ability—caters to any data administrator’s preferred language. This allows enterprises to embrace linguistic diversity, empowering their global teams to ask questions, create expressions, and receive validation insights in their native language, making DLP management effortless and efficient.

A Glimpse into the Future of DLP with AI

Skyhigh Security’s AI Assistant for DLP (now available) is a pioneering step towards harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize DLP. Skyhigh is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in DLP. The advent of AI is a catalyst for transformative advancements that will redefine the landscape of data protection.

The future of DLP is bright, and AI is playing a pivotal role in shaping it. By harnessing the power of AI, we can create more intelligent, efficient, and effective DLP solutions that will help organizations protect their data and maintain compliance with evolving regulations.

Skyhigh Security – Where Innovation Meets Data Protection Excellence.

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