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Navigating the DSPM Journey: Preparing for the Future

In today's landscape, the widespread adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures has ushered in a new era of security challenges. The expanding attack surface has introduced complexity, obscured visibility, and security vulnerabilities. Simultaneously, organizations are migrating vast volumes of data to the cloud, capitalizing on scalability and cost-efficiency. This shift has compounded the challenges, scattering sensitive and business-critical data across various cloud platforms, leading to the emergence of "shadow data" – unmanaged data residing outside IT or security oversight.

The primary aim of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) is to empower security and IT teams in identifying and mitigating cloud data security risks. DSPM accomplishes this through sensitive data analysis, enhancing visibility, access control, data flow management, and identification of infrastructure errors or misconfigurations.

This fireside chat features Skyhigh Security’s Dr. Nate Brady, Senior Enterprise Architect; Tony Frum, Principal Engineer; and is moderated by Kelly Elliott, Director of Product Marketing.

During this conversation, they evaluate:
  • DSPM market trends & use cases
  • Practical steps you can implement to prepare for your DSPM journey
  • How Skyhigh Security can help build a strong data security foundation across the web, cloud, private apps, email, and endpoints with our converged SSE solution
Meet the Speakers:
Picture of Kelly Elliot, Director of Product Marketing, Skyhigh Security
Kelly Elliott
Director of Product Marketing, Skyhigh Security

Kelly Elliott, Director of Product Marketing at Skyhigh Security, has nearly two decades of cybersecurity experience with a focus on cloud security and Security Service Edge (SSE). Her cybersecurity experiences at McAfee, Intel Security, and Skyhigh Security have been building blocks to craft high-impact product marketing strategies and teams that create compelling product messaging and value propositions to highlight differentiation in the market.

Picture of Nate Brady, Sr. Cloud Architect, Skyhigh Security
Nate Brady
Sr. Enterprise Architect, Skyhigh Security

Dr. Brady is a Senior Enterprise Architect at Skyhigh and serves on the executive Board for (ISC)2 Chicago. For the past twenty years, Nate has served as a trusted advisor in building critical IT infrastructure for many Fortune 500 companies. Nate holds a BS in engineering, an MBA from the University of Kansas, and a Behavioral Economics DBA from the University of Newcastle, Australia as well as industry certifications including the CISSP, CCSP, Microsoft ASAE, and AWS-CSA.

Picture of Anthony Frum, Principal Engineer, Skyhigh Security
Anthony Frum
Principal Engineer, Skyhigh Security

Tony is a Principal Engineer in the Product Management team at Skyhigh Security. Starting at McAfee in 2005, he has over 18 years’ experience in the security industry specializing in Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker and Data Loss Prevention technologies.

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