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Identify & Protect Sensitive Data

Identify & Protect Sensitive Data

Protect your data everywhere in a work-from-anywhere world

Data Awareness Across Skyhigh SSE Portfolio

Skyhigh Security’s unified approach to data protection provides complete visibility and control from device to cloud. Eliminate visibility gaps, providing full scope protection for your workforce. Unify data protection for data across endpoints, web, private apps, email and cloud. Enable unified reporting and incident management without increasing overhead.


Unified DLP Solution

Understand how your corporate data is being used, including data at rest, data in use and in motion. A single DLP solution that leverages one engine and a set of classifications across endpoint, web, cloud, email and private apps.


Centralized Incident Management & Reporting

Manage all DLP violations and reporting via a single dashboard, with integrated incident workflow and detailed evidence information about incidents.


Deliver Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with different regulations, using many out of the box compliance templates.


User Awareness

Improve user awareness with end user notifications and self-service incident remediations.


Effective DLP Detection

Leverage advanced DLP technology, like classifications, IDM, EDM, and OCR, to efficiently identify data important to your business, reducing false positives and exfiltration risks.


Protect Data Everywhere

Achieve broad visibility with continuous or on-demand scanning of data at rest in the cloud and granular control of data movement.

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