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Most flexible and granular data protection policies in the cloud

Define how data is used, accessed, and stored using unified policies across web, cloud, and private apps

Unified and integrated platform

Configure and manage SWG, CASB, ZTNA, and CNAPP solutions from an integrated dashboard

Most innovative and comprehensive SSE portfolio on the market

Leverage cloud-native security solutions that are data-aware and simple to use

Secure Service Edge


Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) is a data-centric, cloud-native Security Service Edge (SSE) platform that enables fast, reliable, and safe work-from-anywhere and digital transformation by securing web, cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), and private apps.

Unified data and threat protection are performed at every control point in a single pass to reduce risk, cost of security, and management complexity, thus eliminating the need to route traffic through your datacenter for applying security controls.

Skyhigh Security Service Edge is built on a hyperscale service edge delivering 99.999% availability and blazing-fast, low-latency access powered by an intelligently peered, ubiquitous and scalable global cloud fabric to connect and secure your hybrid workforce from any device or location in the world.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Skyhigh CASB enables organizations to accelerate their business by giving them visibility and control over their data in the cloud and protecting them from threats with a frictionless deployment model that is easy to adopt.

As a cloud service, Skyhigh CASB allows IT to have a single place to see and control their data in the cloud. It is a single enforcement point that works consistently across all your SaaS applications, IaaS environments, and Shadow IT.

With consistent cloud security across all cloud services, you can keep up with the velocity of cloud adoption at your company and enable business acceleration.

Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

The Skyhigh Security CNAPP solution delivers consistent data protection, threat prevention, governance, and compliance throughout the cloud-native application development lifecycle for container and OS-based workloads.

It was the industry’s first platform to bring application and data context to converge Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for public cloud infrastructure, and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) to protect applications distributed across virtual machines, compute instances, and containers.

Cloud Security Platform

Skyhigh Security SSE is the industry-leading comprehensive, cloud-native security platform that converges a set of security solutions (SWG, CASB, ZTNA, DLP, RBI), providing complete visibility and control over your data from a unified console, no matter where it resides.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Lock down your data, not your business with Multi-Vector DLP.

Skyhigh Security's unified approach to data protection provides complete visibility and control from device to cloud.

  • Estimate visibility gaps, providing full scope data protection for your workforce
  • Set data classifications once to protect data across endpoints, web and cloud
  • Enable unified data protection policies and incident management without increasing overhead

Cloud Workload Security

Application Control with Allow listing, O/S hardening, and FIM. Severity-based vulnerability scanning and protection for VMs and containers.

  • Discovery and risk-based classification
  • Shift-Left posture and vulnerability
  • Zero Trust policy control
  • Unified Threat Protection
  • Governance and Compliance

Secure Web Gateway

Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (SWG) protects users from threats and data loss while accessing the web and cloud. With integrated CASB capabilities and a superior DLP engine built, Skyhigh’s cloud-aware Next-gen SWG protects against the latest cloud and data threats, while maintaining speed and reliability. Our RBI technology provides the most sophisticated threat protection available, at no extra cost.

Skyhigh Next-gen SWG is built on a cloud-native hyperscale service edge, the ubiquitous fabric that converges Next-gen SWG with Skyhigh SSE to connect and secure your workforce – from anywhere, any application, and any device.

Remote Browser Isolation

Skyhigh Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is an innovative new technology that contains web browsing activity inside an isolated cloud environment in order to protect users from any malware or malicious code that may be hidden on a website.

RBI technology provides the most powerful form of web threat protection available, eliminating the opportunity for malicious code to even touch the end user’s device.

Private Access

Skyhigh Private Access is the industry's first data-aware Zero Trust Network Access solution that secures access to private applications from any location and device, and controls data collaboration with integrated data loss prevention (DLP).

Private Access converges with Skyhigh SSE to uniquely position Skyhigh Security with the best-in-class, integrated and cloud-delivered security solution for accelerated Security Service Edge (SSE) deployments.

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Dan Meacham, CISO of Legendary Entertainment

“The Skyhigh Security platform is completely integrated and simple to use. With more than 10 years focus on cloud security, it’s a pioneer in the Security Service Edge (SSE) space.”

- Dan Meacham, CISO of Legendary Entertainment