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Xpand 2022: Connect & Secure Your Workforce with Skyhigh Private Access

To support a business in a borderless work environment, organizations accelerated the migration of their applications and workloads to cloud – creating a challenge for protecting sensitive data and providing seamless access to remote users. Built on the fundamentals of Zero Trust, Skyhigh Private Access integrates the secure capabilities of ZTNA with integrated DLP and RBI to offer the industry's first comprehensive data-centric solution for robust data and threat protection across private apps, shadow IT, SaaS apps, and web traffic. In this session you will learn about:
  • Secured collaboration between remote workers, partners, and contractors
  • Uninterrupted coverage that can be scaled quickly and globally
  • Enforced compliance and protected network, based on Zero Trust principles
  • Reduced strain on traditional network and security architectures
Format: On-Demand Webinar Language: English Duration: 37 minutes Speakers: Derrick Ellis, Sr. Cloud Security Engineer, Skyhigh Security

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