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The Data Dilemma: Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

The Data Dilemma: Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

What trends will be affecting cloud security in the coming years? How can you best position your organization to protect its data now and in the future in the face of unprecedented risks? For expert insight into these issues, join our webinar hosted by Skyhigh Global Cloud Threat Lead Rodman Ramezanian. In this 40-minute on-demand webinar, he will walk you through a big picture view of the changes that are impacting the status quo of how organizations operate and secure data so that you can prepare and adapt.

Drawing on the findings in our annual report: The Data Dilemma: Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, he will highlight many key metrics you need to know about and how they affect data security:

  • 75% of organizations have experienced cybersecurity breaches, threats, and or/theft of data.
  • Public cloud services use has increased 50% in just three years.
  • An average of 51% of SaaS services are commissioned without IT oversight, with a lack of visibility into the data affecting 46% of those SaaS services.
  • Shadow IT is impairing an organization’s ability to keep data secure, as attested by 75% of the participants in the study.

While securing data is more challenging than ever, there are ways to prepare for the risks while taking full advantage of the benefits offered by the cloud. Join us for this webinar to learn how you can put your organization on the right footing now with an integrated, Security Service Edge (SSE) solution that forms the foundation for your zero-trust architecture.

Security Service Edge (SSE) is a new way of looking at security. It brings together threat protection, data security, and other capabilities to safeguard access to wherever your employees do their business—on the web, cloud services, or private apps.

Format: On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 40 Minutes


Rodman Ramezanian
Enterprise Cloud Security Advisor, Skyhigh Security

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