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Extend Your ePO DLP Policies to the Cloud With Ease

This on-demand webinar will focus on Endpoint DLP owners, with practical and technical insights on how users can obtain complete data security coverage by upgrading to SSE.

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • How to overcome data protection challenges you may face beyond the Endpoint, as well as other cloud data security gaps within your organization
  • How to build a 360' strategic plan in ensuring your data security is extended and protected across cloud, web and private apps
  • Practical examples showing how the Skyhigh Cloud Platform can help with a smooth convergence and unification of Endpoint, Network and Cloud DLP


  • Laurent Marechal | Cloud Security and Data Protection Architect, Skyhigh Security
  • Dr. Nate Brady | Senior Solutions Architect, Skyhigh Security

Watch The On-Demand Webinar