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ChatGPT and AI: Embrace It or Fear It?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing tools like ChatGPT have the potential to revolutionize business operations, ushering in an era of unprecedented efficiency. However, as with any powerful tool, the use of these AI technologies is not devoid of risks.

In our webinar, ChatGPT & AI: Embrace It or Fear It?, we'll delve into how fears of data loss associated with AI chatbot adoption might be misplaced, as businesses grapple with the practical challenges of integrating these advanced technologies into their existing IT infrastructure. We'll present that the real challenge lies in addressing shadow IT - the unsanctioned use of technology within organizations, which poses significant security and compliance risks.

Join Skyhigh Security’s Cloud Security Architect Nate Brady to learn:

  • How to harness AI and cloud services effectively and responsibly
  • Strategies on how to mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and maintain control over your data
  • Methods of promoting a culture of security awareness while encouraging innovation and adaptability


  • Dr. Nate Brady | Senior Solutions Architect, Skyhigh Security

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