Discover all cloud services in use

Skyhigh Security discovers all cloud services in use by employees, both on and off network, including thousands of cloud services uncategorized by firewalls with web proxies. The solution’s usage analytics summarize cloud usage in aggregate and at the departure and user level with traffic patterns access count, and usage trends over time, enabling IT to securely enable cloud services that drive productivity and growth.

Understand the Risk of Each Cloud Service

Delivers the largest and most accurate registry of over 30,000 cloud services based on a detailed security assessment across more than 60 objective criteria. These risk assessments become fundamental building blocks for web and cloud governance policies.

Report on Cloud Usage and Risk

Provides pre-built reports and dashboards that summarize cloud usage and risk across multiple dimensions. Security teams can build highly customized reports to highlight the risks of most concern and relevance to the organization.

Enterprise-Grade Data Security

Advanced Data Protection

Skyhigh Security’s data protection technology has been matured and battle-tested over the past 15 years with robust and advanced capabilities such as Optical Character Recognition.

Seamlessly Built-In

Data protection is a natively built-in capability of Skyhigh Security Secure Web Gateway platform, bringing rich data awareness to web access policies and governance.

Unified Approach

Leverage a single set of data classification criteria across multiple, converged technologies to protect your data, wherever it may go.

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99.999% uptime with Hyperscale Service Edge

Skyhigh Security Hyperscale Service Edge runs on a world-class cloud fabric operating at 99.999% uptime to keep your remote workforce running without disruption. Connect users seamlessly to the service edge, eliminating the need to route traffic through your datacenter and establishing the foundation of an SSE architecture.

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