Worry-Free Web Browsing for Your Workforce

Skyhigh Security Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is an innovative solution which contains web browsing activity inside an isolated cloud environment in order to protect users from any malware or malicious code that may be hidden on a website.



Enhanced visibility and protection over how data is being accessed or shared.

Single Platform

Threat Protection

Ensures consistent policies, data protection, and visibility across isolated and non-isolated traffic.

Extends Data Protection


Includes Risky Web RBI at no additional cost.

Skyhigh Security RBI Product Features

Skyhigh Security has changed the game when it comes to making Remote Browser Isolation accessible from any organization or any budget and easy to deploy.

  Remote Browser Isolation – Risky Web Version Remote Browser Isolation – Full Version
  Included as a core feature of Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) at no additional cost Extended policy control and the ability to isolate all traffic for select employees
Protects across websites, emails, and documents    
Integrated Data Loss Prevention    
Consistent policy across isolated and non-isolated web traffic    
Single pane of glass view across isolated and non-isolated traffic    
Isolate 100% of traffic for specific users or groups    
Extended policy granularity    

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