By Rodman Ramezanian
Global Cloud Threat Lead, Skyhigh Security

Microsoft Office 365 is an indispensable business tool; widely used by organizations globally as they transition to the cloud. Unfortunately, it has also become a key attack vector nowadays.

In the sphere of Ransomware, cloud environments have been traditionally perceived as somewhat immune thanks to their scalability, agility, and resiliency. But what if a native feature of a cloud platform – say, automatic cloud backup file versions – was misused to facilitate a Ransomware attack? Then it may become a question of whether the platform can protect against itself.

In this instalment of the Skyhigh Security Intelligence Digest (SSID), we’ll be exploring the recent discovery of a Microsoft Office 365 configuration loophole that paves the way for potential Ransomware attacks. Doubly important; we’ll outline some mitigation strategies to help remain protected.

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