By Anand Ramanathan
Chief Product Officer, Skyhigh Security

These are exciting times for all of us at Skyhigh Security.

I’m personally delighted to be here partnering with our customers in their cloud journey and driving our joint vision to realization. As Chief Product Officer, I oversee the company's product portfolio, including leadership and management of all product development, innovation, and customer experience efforts. Our product, UX, and engineering teams retain an unrelenting focus on continuous customer value-creation through the industry's most innovative and comprehensive Security Service Edge (SSE) offering.

My experience with McAfee Enterprise SSE, and earlier with the original Skyhigh Networks, helped me understand what challenges customers were experiencing in their digital transformation and why the solutions we were building were important. As many of us know, Skyhigh Security has incredible DNA—McAfee Enterprise SSE has long been a cybersecurity innovator. Skyhigh Networks was also a cloud security innovator and disruptor for a decade. Skyhigh Networks invented the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) space and set the course for the inevitable evolution of SSE. Today, Skyhigh Security brings broad capabilities and experiences together from multiple converged products—CASB, Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Data Protection—to provide our customers the architectures they require.

Skyhigh Security has developed important capabilities both internally, in partnership with our customers, and through the select acquisition and integration of innovative core technologies, such as Remote Browser Isolation (RBI). Our deep-rooted cybersecurity expertise and strong understanding of customers’ protection needs across the cloud have enabled us to drive innovation, deliver on a powerful product strategy, and bolster market expansion efforts.

That said, you cannot rest on the past. The challenges for our customers and partners are increasing and evolving on many fronts.

The enterprise castle has yielded way in many organizations to a more distributed and flexible model as customers embrace the cloud for greater productivity. In the aftermath of the pandemic, customers are not only dealing with digital transformation, but they are also dealing with workforce transformation. Together, we must securely address the hybrid worker, the notion of work from anywhere, and the convergence of this with the digital transformation. Providing secure access is only half the battle. Organizations must be data aware, yet they still don’t have 360-degree visibility and protection of data in networking environments where the perimeter has already been dissolved by the digital transformation.

Threat actors, both organized crime and those sponsored by malicious and malevolent nation states, are working daily to disrupt the business and government of nations around the world.

The rapid embrace of the cloud journey has also left too many integration points across disparate and incomplete security stacks. This complexity leaves far too many vulnerabilities and creates more opportunities for threat actors to leverage. This turns security teams into system integrators and has elevated the misconfiguration and misalignment of controls into a primary source of vulnerability. This is especially true in the cloud today. Zero Trust is an important goal in many customers’ journeys, but they are deterred by the same complexity, disparate and incomplete security stacks, and the need to develop a multitude of integration points manually.

Our product vision, shaped by close partnerships with customers and industry pundits, brings the necessary and important solutions to these challenges.

Through leading market-first innovations and strategic alliances, our converged SSE platform has been built to address requirements around complete visibility & control over data at every access point while protecting against the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

Our innovation is being driven by our intimacy with customers and our stance of being a close partner in their journey. As a result, we’re able to shape our products together to meet the needs of the customer journey. We recognize that organizations have too many tools to manage across too many environments and via a converged platform, strive to remove complexity from our customer’s daily lives and help them be more productive in their jobs.

We realize that our vision requires complete visibility across all assets, resources, and activities, and most important, comprehensive data awareness. In support of these requirements and many others, we have focused on product strategy to develop, assemble, and integrate our product portfolio. We simplify this for customers by providing a single console and unified policies across all security controls. A tightly integrated SSE stack reduces risk and reduces administrative and management expenses. This is precisely what organizations need today to face unprecedented threats and the increased risk they bring, alongside the global shortage of cyber talent.

The opportunity for Skyhigh Security, our customers, and our partners is significant.

Skyhigh Security begins with a rich history of security leadership, including recognition as a leader by the industry's most recognized analyst firms. The depth and breadth of its technical prowess and market relevance is unmatched as evidenced by a recent analyst review of SSE solution capabilities. The strategy of marrying our proven market-leading products into a robust and complete SSE stack has produced a platform that customers can leverage at the pace of cloud transformation they choose. The future of security is in the cloud, and our engineering user experience and product management teams are focused on providing the competitive advantage to protect the world’s biggest and best companies.

This is a pivotal moment in time to lead the next stage of the company’s product strategy. I’m personally very humbled to be driving our product vision and execution. I look forward to accelerating product innovation and know the engineering and product teams share my enthusiasm and stand tall to meet the challenges ahead. This is a pivotal moment in time to lead the next stage of the company’s product strategy. I’m personally very humbled to be driving our product vision and execution. I look forward to accelerating product innovation and know the engineering and product teams share my enthusiasm and stand tall to meet the challenges ahead.

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