By Abhay Solapurkar
Chief Customer Officer

I’m back at Skyhigh Security!

Hello World. I am thrilled to be part of Skyhigh Security’s leadership team during this period of opportunity and growth. In my role as Chief Customer Officer, I am responsible for leading all customer support, service, and success operations, as well as measuring its strategic impact to our customers.

Customer experience, value realization, and quality of response are the top priorities of our support, services, and success teams. Our collective teams take pride in delivering exceptional customer support and services and being the customer’s first choice when selecting an enterprise-class Security Service Edge (SSE) vendor to protect their data using a cloud-native approach.

Skyhigh Security has a history of driving customer success.

From the earliest beginnings, Skyhigh Networks and McAfee Enterprise SSE set the bar for generating value, building meaningful relationships, and delivering impactful and important results for our customers. As we launch Skyhigh Security, we remain committed to providing our customers with the same level of customer success they can count on.

Our experience remains a key differentiator and brings many benefits to our customers. We have consistently led companies through several major waves of digital transformation, from the web to mobile, cloud, and more. As you may know, Skyhigh Networks pioneered the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market.

The philosophy of customer success is delivering a superior experience—at every touchpoint.

Customers have been challenged by the digital transformation, and this has been made more complex by the need for hybrid work environments. The customer success team has worked hard to recognize their rapidly shifting needs and address new pain points as companies advance their cloud-first agenda.

The philosophy of customer success is simple. Provide a white-glove approach at every interaction. Customer experience and quality of response is our number one priority. The customer success team has responsibility for all post-sales customer relationships, starting with on-boarding to product deployment, to driving value throughout the customer life cycle, and ultimately, maximize the value of their solutions.

Finally, it is important to state that Skyhigh Security is strongly committed to the levels of service and experience that were part of the original McAfee Enterprise SSE promise. Our partnership with Trellix commits us to continue to deliver success plans and the level of excellence which the customer expects from us. Customer success is the integration point of this effort, even as we become two different companies focused on two different product portfolios. As customers look into the future, we will present a new and enhanced opportunity for them upon contract renewal.

Execution and timing are everything.

Everything must happen like clockwork. Our goal is aligning execution with governance for each customer. It all starts with onboarding to address customer use cases and expectations, which includes creating a 90-day plan to define their goals. A business review process ensures that all stakeholders understand the mechanics of how we will measure success together. This value-driven prioritization provides a north star for how we will work together. Our internal metrics will guide us in measuring our performance and understanding the overall health and success of the customer deployment.

We will work closely with customers to chart an ongoing path for training, technical efficiency, and improved performance. This not only improves our customer’s knowledge and skillsets, but also brings an opportunity for additional return on investment.

Digital touch is another part of our execution to deliver a better customer experience, improved satisfaction, and competitive advantage. This allows customers to get information at their fingertips through their channel of preference.

Our partner ecosystem is essential for end-user customer success. Channel partners, systems integrators, and MSSPs need the very best levels of support to be successful. We will continue to invest in them to ensure they understand our solutions with the highest level of skill and knowledge necessary to deliver deployments. This provides a higher quality and speed of service for our ultimate end-user customer.

I am thrilled and delighted to be part of the Skyhigh Security team. Our team’s drive for providing exceptional customer support is unmatched.

We’re part of a company that is focused on customer experiences and delivering lifetime value. Customer success at its core is about accelerating adoption and realizing business value by helping our customers solve their business problems. Skyhigh Security will continue to successfully deliver service and success programs to help businesses optimize their success and support across a wide range of sectors. We look forward to partnering so you can achieve world-class success. Read more about today’s announcement here.