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How to Protect Your Data: Unified Data Protection Across Endpoint, Network, and Cloud

Discover how a unified data security solution with a single engine and set of classifications can protect data across the web, public and private cloud, and endpoint, and how our SSE converged solutions differentiate from other vendors' SSE products:

  • Protect and track data across all vectors, including cloud
  • Simplify data classifications across web, cloud, and endpoints using a single engine
  • Unlock secure access to private apps with least privilege zero trust network access, replacing VPN


How to Gain Control of Your Cloud Security in a "Work from Anywhere" World

See how powerful technologies, like Remote Browser Isolation (RBI), device posture assessment, and advanced data protection raise the bar for public and private cloud security when coupled with the most flexible policy engine on the market. Understand, control, secure, and guide users' cloud and web usage with powerful technologies built into a SSE platform:

  • Support a zero trust approach with truly read-only access using RBI
  • Reduce business risk through limited access based on device posture and data sensitivity
  • Solve unique problems with unparalleled policy flexibility

Skyhigh Security Theatre Sessions

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Accelerating Your Cloud Transformation with SSE

Cloud Transformation can be a strain on traditional network and security architectures; however, a Security Service Edge (SSE) framework can help make the most of the productivity and cost-saving benefits of the cloud by providing:

  • 99.999% available cloud backbone
  • Multi-vector data protection
  • and, Real-time threat protection

Learn how Skyhigh Security's SSE platform uniquely converges SWG, CASB, ZTNA, DLP, and Remote Browser Isolation technologies to accelerate your SSE journey.


Thyaga Vasudevan, VP, Product Management

Mon, June 6: 6:20pm PDT
Wed, June 8: 11:40am PDT

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Unified Threat Protection for SSE - Web, Cloud and beyond

The battle between security professionals and adversaries continues to rage on. For every new threat technique, a security countermeasure emerges. Yet, the traditional approach of simply adding new controls to deal with every new threat has become unsustainable.

Skyhigh Security Cloud's changes the paradigm with a multi-layered platform of advanced threat protection - fully integrated for real-time, in-line, single-pass security inspection for the cloud and web. Learn how to stay one step ahead of the bad guys!


Rodman Ramezanian, Sr. Sales Engineer

Tues, June 7: 2:20pm PDT
Thurs, June 9: 12:40pm PDT


How to Manage Cloud Security Risks in a "Work from Anywhere" World

Enterprises are embracing Work from Home models for their employees. But what does this mean for cybersecurity? Vast distribution of corporate data, direct-to-cloud connections, and personal devices introduce new security challenges that take over the network-centric model of the past.

VPN solutions have struggled as applications moved into the cloud. And while Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) offers performance, scalability, and security advantages, some solutions still lack essential inline controls, flexible support, and integration within enterprise infrastructure.

Join this session to learn how Skyhigh Private Access can enable your organization to move beyond the shackles of VPN with the industry’s first sensitive data-aware ZTNA solution.


Michael Schneider, Sr. Manager, Product Management

Tues, June 7: 12:20pm PDT
Wed, June 8: 2:40pm PDT

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Data-Aware Cloud Security for Zero Trust

Data is perhaps the most important – and vulnerable – enterprise asset there is. As digital transformation continues to expand how data is stored, accessed, and used, organizations struggle to keep up with commensurate policies.

On the other hand, the principles of Zero Trust are well known. It is essential to know how to compare multiple attributes from device, user behavior, application, and data to make the right risk-based decision to ensure cloud security that is data aware.

Join us to learn how Skyhigh Security Cloud's multi-vector data protection provides full-scope data protection for your workforce and eliminates data visibility gaps to provide a comprehensive Zero Trust solution for the cloud.


Suhaas Kodagali, Sr. Mgr., Product Management

Tues, June 7: 4:20pm PDT
Thurs, June 9: 1:20pm PDT

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Dissecting Lapsus$ Attacks: How Can You Be Prepared?

Traditional ransomware attacks that were once focused on data encryption have reached next-level status, thanks, in part, to the Lapsus$ hacking group. Since their debut in December 2021, these cybercriminals have wreaked havoc on several victims, mainly technology companies, by gaining access to their most valuable assets and threatening to leak them on the internet unless a ransom is paid.

Infiltration takes place through humans and their identities, abusing any privileges to facilitate their movements and operations, resulting in data theft in chilling quantities.

Join this session to gain key insights about the Lapsus$ attacks, understand why cloud practitioners should care, and learn what steps can be taken to stay ahead of the cybercriminals.


Rodman Ramezanian, Sr. Sales Engineer

Wed, June 8: 4:20pm PDT
Thurs, June 9: 10:40am PDT

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